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About Us

 Two life long friends and neighbors, Annie Bolton and Tiffany Devens. We grew up 5 houses apart in Mankato, MN where we became close friends as young children. This friendship has continued to grow stronger into adult hood. As adults we wear many hats as mothers, wives, and business women. Annie lives in Texas with her husband and three children, while Tiffany lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children. We have lives just like you... busy, chaotic, and stressed. We know what its like to skip a shower, wear pajamas to drop kids off at school, or throw a hat on to rush to practice after school. That's why we created Beautiful Mess... for women just like you. Although separated by many miles and busy personal schedules, we decided to combine Annie's passion and knowledge of retail/wholesale fashion and design with Tiffany's many years of business expertise as manager and owner of multiple successful businesses.  We have a vision of bringing you current and beautiful fashion. Fashion which helps you remember that you might be a mess, but you're a beautiful mess!